Increase your Sex Drive with these 11 foods

If you go to bed with your partner and feel more like sleeping than making love you need to increase your sex drive. Fortunately, you do not need any kind of medicine or pills, just the foods that we recommend below.

It has been proven that the food you eat directly influences your sexual desires. A correct diet will keep you healthy in every way.

Take note of our recommendations and get ready to have a more fulfilling sex life.

1. Strawberries and raspberries

By eating strawberries and raspberries it is impossible not to eat their small seeds. The seeds great for your libido because they are rich in zinc.

This mineral is essential for maintaining sexual desire. It benefits both men and women.

They gives you higher levels of testosterone. It helps you feel more energized when having sex.

You can incorporate these small fruits as part of breakfast or prepare a delicious dessert.

2. Avocados

These “fatty pears” are an excellent source of folic acid and vitamin B6. Both nutrients are essential for maintaining good health and a high libido.

Vitamin B6 avocado helps regulate hormone levels in the body making your whole body full of energy and ready for the moment of action.

3. Nuts

Including nuts in your daily diet will help improve the quality of your sperm. While other foods only increase your libido, nuts make your sperm stronger.

It has been proven scientifically that eating nuts helps to properly mold the shape of sperm. Also it gives them life, so if you are a man, your fertility will be guaranteed.

4. Watermelon

Regular consumption of watermelon helps improve erection quality in men penis.

This is because the watermelon contains a non-protein amino acid called citrulline. This element causes the body to produce arginine in larger quantities. This result in optimum blood circulation in veins and vessels.

Good circulation ensures that your libido is in good condition and your body will respond correctly to stimuli.

5. Almonds

Another nut that should be present in your daily diet are almonds. They contain large doses of arginine, a chemical that we mentioned before.

If you have problems with your libido, includ almonds and its derivatives in your diet. You can eat them directly or prepare some desserts with almond flour.

You can also add almond milk to your diet to minimize the problems or lack of libido naturally.

6. Chocolate

The chocolate alone will not help improve your libido. However, eating dark chocolate regularly causes your body to release serotonin and endorphins.

These two chemicals have a relaxing effect and place us in a state receptive to the stimuli of our partner mood.

For best results it is better to choose dark chocolate, the purest possible. You will find options that indicate purity of 70%, 80% and 90%.

This percentage indicates the amount of cocoa that the product has. It would be better to avoid sugary chocolate.

7. Coffee

As we all know, coffee  stimulates the central nervous system. What you may not know is that, according to several studies, regular consumption of this drink helps boost your sexual desire.

Consuming coffee also will keep you alert and better see the signs of your partner.

8. Oysters

It is one of the first foods that you think about if you want to increase your libido. Oysters contain large amounts of zinc , which could help correct any deficiencies that may be hindering your excitement.

Psychologically also visually it resembles the female sex organ and stimulates the imagination.

9. Figs

Figs for centuries has been considered one of the foods that increase libido. Some people believe that the only reason for this effect is its appearance.

However, apart from its appearance, figs contain essential minerals and vitamins that may help when it comes to sex. Magnesium, potassium and iron levels are the most important nutrients in figs.

Also, being rich in vitamin B6 also gives you the energy you need.

10. Granada

Pomegranates have gained much fame in recent years thanks to its high levels of antioxidants.

The good thing about Granada is that it has residual benefits, such as helping to increase sensitivity in the sexual organs hours after eating. Its antioxidants also protect you from heart disease and cancer.

If you can find fresh pomegranate juice you just have to make sure the juice is as natural as possible. Avoids sugars and preservatives.

11. Vanilla

The scent of vanilla is enjoyed by many and it is no secret that enhances your libido and the environment of the couple. Options to reap its benefits are:

  • Oil: Nothing better to start a romance with vanilla oil massage.
  • Essence: The desserts that combine chocolate, vanilla and red berries are a good reference of foods that stimulate your libido.

Try different options and identify which achieves greater encouragement to your partner.

Do not settle for a dull and boring relationship. Try these foods and get the spark back into your relationship.