Fitting Exercise Into Every Day Life

Fitting Exercise Into Every Day Life

As a busy entrepreneur you have a million and one things to do every day and your health can really suffer if you don’t take time out to exercise, eat foods that make you thrive and rest.


Easier said than done, right?


Some of you may even have kids added to the mix and finding time to exercise is something you may think about as a resolution each new year.


I have three young kids, I run my website to help frazzled mums become fabulous and I create online courses to teach mums what they need to eat to thrive, how to exercise when they don’t have the time and how to be confident, so they can look in the mirror and love what they see.


Since my husband works shifts and we don’t have any family nearby we balance everything between the two of us. This means that I no longer get the chance to do my hour’s worth of running, yoga or aerobics, but that hasn’t stopped me from keeping in shape. The key is to squeeze little bouts of exercise into your day and to enjoy them.


So, if you really haven’t got the time to do any exercise, then here is what you need to do to incorporate exercise into every day life:


Make the most of your every day activities.


There is a really interesting TED talk Dan Buettner about the secret of living a long life. He talks about a small village where most of the inhabitants live until they are 100 years old. You may be surprised and pleased to know that they don’t spend hours in the gym, but instead make exercise part of their every day life – making it something to enjoy, rather than a ‘should do’ task.


I squeeze exercise into my day by fitting certain exercises into my routine. For example, whenever I brush my teeth I use that time to do squats or lunges. I even do back leg raises when doing the washing up (much to everyone’s amusement)– keeping my bum and thighs trim.


If you’re running a nice hot bath for yourself then why not do some tricep dips at the same time? Put your hands on the edge of the bath, palms facing forward with your elbows bent. Then lower your bum to the floor and lift yourself back up again. Make sure your arms are doing the work – not your legs. This helps tone bingo wings.


When my kids are playing with their toys and don’t need my full attention I take time out to do the plank. Just three sets of holding the position for 30 seconds and your core stomach will be nice and toned. They also like it when I do press ups as they lie underneath me and I give them a kiss with each repetition.


You could even get some cardio into the routine and skip on the spot (you don’t even have to have ropes) when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. Or, if you prefer try doing some step ups on any stairs you may have in the house. Then there’s the age-old advice of walking as often as you can too.


Make little trips to the local shops, or the play park a game. I pop my kids in the pushchair and tell them we’re going to get there as fast as we can – running there and making fun sounds effects as I go. My kids have even been trained to say ‘Keep on going’ or ‘You can do it Mummy’. If you have younger kids and they don’t mind being in the pushchair for too long then walk or run when it’s their nap time, or make it an adventure and tell them you’re on a sheep hunt, a bird hunt, or a cat/dog hunt – anything that’s going to keep them interested and you motivated to go at a fast pace!


If you don’t have kids, but still find yourself racing through your ‘to do’ list in your office for hours on end, then set a timer for 45 minutes. Work for that length of time then stop and do a yoga pose, a quick high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout, dance around in your kitchen, or take a short 15 minute walk. There is a great selection of short yoga and HIIT workouts on YouTube. You’ll be amazed by how much more focused you are when you come back to your work and most of my light bulb moments have happened when I’ve stepped away from my desk. You can repeat this pattern as often as you like.


The key is whatever you do, make it part of your routine. Every day I take my kids to school dressed in my yoga or running gear. I come home and my little girl watches 30 minutes of TV and I do my yoga, or we go off out into the woods and explore as she sits in the pushchair and I do my power walk. Then I get showered and either spend the day with my little girl or I play with her, then go to work. It’s become so engrained in my routine that it is automatic now.


So, now you have the right frame of mind about fitting exercise into your day and my top ideas on how to do that – what are you going to do?


What are the top five ways you are going to fit exercise into your day each day?


Write them down and keep it somewhere prominent to remind you. Then start right now!


Just to recap:


We can all be more active each day, we just need to be creative with it


Exercise isn’t about going to the gym for an hour each day. It’s about being active and moving. Having fun with it helps too!

What to do now:


Read your list of the top five ways you are going to fit exercise into your day and schedule an exercise session (even if it’s just for five minutes) into your diary.


Keep a note of how you feel on the days you are naturally more active.


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I’m Jaelithe Leigh-Brown and I set up to teach busy, stressed out mums, what to eat so your body can thrive, how to exercise when you don’t have the time and how to be confident, so that you can look in the mirror and love what you see. I want to change the way women feel about themselves and how the health industry works. No more dieting, doing exercises that you hate, or looking in the mirror and seeing what you want to change. I am a Fitness Coach, Life Coach, Nutritional Advisor and published author with three kids aged 6 and under. I want my kids to grow up in a world full of healthy, happy and confident women so I offer tips, advice and online courses to help frazzled mums become fabulous through my website

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