What Your favorite coffee reveals about your personality



Drinking a cup of coffee when you wake up makes you feel good, helps you get your day started but it also reveals your personality.

A study by the University of Innsbruck (Austria) revealed the following personality traits based on what coffee you drink.

Your coffee reveals your personality, what is your favorite?


You’re simple, quiet, You like the simple things in life.


You can become obsessive, controlling, but also honest and love to make friends.

Instant coffee

You are cheerful, optimistic and relaxed.


You love new experiences and want to try everything, trendsetters, are adventurous and brave.


You’re neat, you like to have everything under control. Try to relax a little, not everything must be perfect forever.


You are fun and adventurous.


You are temperamental, you like to get things done your way. You have a strong and determined character.

Enjoy this delicious drink and and discover a little more about you, discover the personality of those around you by simply asking them what is their favorite type of coffee.