5 Exercise Trends That Are Here To Stay


Want to know the number one reason most people give up on exercise? Boredom with time challenges following close behind Truth is anything you do day in and day out the same exact way can get boring. That’s why even exercise must be constantly tweaked and shaken up.


Before you start whining let me just leave this thought. Strong is sexy! If being sexy isn’t enough of a reason to inspire you to get fit, here are a few more:


  • Boosts Energy
  • Improves Sex Drive
  • Relieves Stress
  • Weight- loss


Sounds awesome, right? But we still have the same problem, right? Boredom and time, well never fear I have the answer. The answer is variety. The easiest way to stay engaged and attain your fitness goals is by diversifying your routine. This can be done easily by trying different forms of exercise and the options are limitless.


2017 saw many exercise trends that aren’t new but tweaks of old favorites and here are five that you’ll love!


Body Weight Training


It’s exactly as it sounds, exercises using only your body-weight as resistance. This is great and popular because it can be done at home. No equipment needed! You can do these exercises anywhere without the need for a gym and practice at your own speed.


Body weight exercises include push-ups, squats, lunges, chair dips, planks, all moves that only require your own strength.


Interval Training


By now everyone has jumped on board the Hiit wagon and let me tell you why. It is high energy and quick. Basically, it is fast, high intensity moves performed with very little breaks.


What is great about Interval Training is it doesn’t take too much out of your day and results are quick. But it’s not easy, you must do each move in correct form to avoid injury.


Strength Training


Strength training is my jam and I’ll tell you why. You can burn fat faster while improving flexibility and defining muscle. Strength Training is great for women over forty. It combines common body weight exercise moves with weight. I personally use hand weights. Another perk is the fact that strength training helps speed your metabolism for an additional 24 hours.


Aerial Yoga


Whether you are a yoga fan or not you will like Aerial Yoga. Aerial Yoga is so much fun because it is done on hammock seats that are stabilized with chains and straps.


Not only is it fun but there is evidence the benefits far surpass traditional yoga. It makes you more aware of movement because you’re suspended in the air, which also makes you more focused.


Improves core function as well because every move engages your core muscles.


Rope Wall Yoga


Traditionally called Yoga Kundalini which means puppet, because you are hanging from the ropes like a puppet.


Those who aren’t comfortable with yoga prefer the stability. You are literally held in place by the ropes. Not only that, the ropes maximize the power of the stretches allowing the best possible results for those hard to reach trouble areas because holding the poses for longer periods of time become easier.

Doctors and Trainers both agree to be healthy and well you need to incorporate regular exercise in your lifestyle. Most agree you should move 30 minutes a day for five days a week. Does that sound like a lot? Not if your trying one of the fun workouts above with your favorite playlist. Be healthy!

Author Bio

Heidi Williams is a Health and Wellness writer from Atlanta. You can find more at livegoodly.com