Yoga Poses for Back Pain


You can easily alleviated Both waist and lower back pain by practicing a few yoga routines. If you want to get rid of these pains naturally, without using any drugs, these oriental and ancient technique may be helpful. I will be sharing with you the best posses to increase flexibility and elasticity of tissues in order to relieve this discomfort.



Stand with your back straight, arms stretched over your body and open at the width of your hips legs. Open your toes, so you can see the mat and lengthen the spine. Take your shoulders back, turn palms forward and open them. Look forward and chin slightly leads the chest to protect your lower back.

PutΒ  a mat on the floor for supportΒ  and take your buttocks toward the heels. Inhale as you lengthen your back and bring your hands on your thighs. Keep your shoulders relaxed and look forward. Your torso should remain upright throughout the exercise as you inhale and exhale deeply soft time you consider.


The next position is called the mediator, sit on a mat or rug and cross your legs, aligning heels. Put one foot before the other and place your hands on your thigh muscles. Keep your torso upright, your eyes forward and inhale and exhale for 60 seconds.

This is the easiest and most conventional Yoga poses in meditation sessions. It massages the muscles of the abdomen and internal organs, expands our ability to breathe and helps us strengthen and relax our back and shoulders.

Remember to perfect this pose you must synchronize your breathing with the movements and perform deep breaths, inhaling through the nose filling the abdomen, then the chest area and, finally, the area of the collarbone.Β  These yoga routine will help relieve waist pain and release stress and anxiety, as the practice has also mental benefits .


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  • Yoga is really a good posture and relaxation exercise. It doesn’t only relieve tension especially on the back area, it actually also boosts your overall physical and mental health. You only have to make sure that before doing yoga, or any exercise, you have to consult your physician so he/she can instruct you which movement you should avoid or do specially if you have back pain.

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