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How To Make Plant Milk – Recipes

Today, I want to share 2 Simple Plant Milk Recipes that you can make yourself to help you get away from cows’ milk.  The benefits of ‘milk’ have been widely exaggerated.  Most of the advertisements that you see about milk are sponsored by

What are the Benefits of Juicing

What Is Juicing?   Juicing is just as the name implies. It’s simply drinking juice. That sounds easy enough right? Just what kind of juice are we talking about?   Juicing involves squeezing the juice out of both fruits and

Recipe for Lime-Cilantro Chicken

Lime-Cilantro Chicken Ingredients: 2 lb. chicken breasts 1 tbsp. coconut oil 1 cup salsa 2 tbsp. lime juice ¼ C fresh chopped cilantro ½ C water Directions: 1.)    In a bowl, mix the salsa, lime juice, cilantro and water. 2.)

Recipe for Guacamole Dip

Guacamole Dip   Guacamole is one of the tastiest and healthiest snacks when made from scratch. (Note: most store-bought guacamole contains very little avocado, and a lot of filler).  Avocados are a treasure trove of nutrients and healthy fats. Tomato,

The Mentality of losing weight

Are You Tired Of Hearing about Weight Loss Yet?   It doesn’t work does it?   “I’m going to lose weight” is a statement lying in the graveyard of good intentions for, I daresay, nearly all Americans. We are desensitized

Why Diets Don’t Work and What Does

Anyone who has ever felt overweight has likely tried a diet – or several. And while they may have lost some weight while white-knuckling their way through the diet, odds are good that after stopping the diet, they gained the

Fitting Exercise Into Every Day Life

As a busy entrepreneur you have a million and one things to do every day and your health can really suffer if you don’t take time out to exercise, eat foods that make you thrive and rest.   Easier said

5 Best Exercises for a Beautiful Booty!

  If you want a round, firm backside, you need a workout dedicated to building one. The glutes make up a large percentage of the muscle in your lower body so it makes sense to blast them with exercises that

Vegetarian Sources of Protein

  Vegetarians take a lot of criticism for their decision to not eat meat. Most people who do not know otherwise stick their naive noses where they don’t belong, shake an accusing finger at a vegetarian friend and proclaim “You

The What And Why Of Yoga

The quest for understanding just WHAT yoga is can make your mind spin. It’s spiritual, physical and mental. It’s a discipline, a form of exercise, a religion. There is Hatha Yoga, Raja Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and Bikram Yoga. It’s deep