Why High Blood Pressure Is Called A ‘Silent Killer’

High blood pressure simply means that blood flows through the arteries at a high pressure, exerting a ‘higher than normal’ force on the walls of the blood vessels. Medically, high blood pressure is called ‘hypertension’, and it is a major

Best Yoga Mats for Beginners

The yoga mat is as important to yogis as running shoes are for runners. That is why there are many different sizes and materials to choose from. So it is important that as a beginner you know how to choose

5 Exercise Trends That Are Here To Stay

  Want to know the number one reason most people give up on exercise? Boredom with time challenges following close behind Truth is anything you do day in and day out the same exact way can get boring. That’s why

Increase your Sex Drive with these 11 foods

If you go to bed with your partner and feel more like sleeping than making love you need to increase your sex drive. Fortunately, you do not need any kind of medicine or pills, just the foods that we recommend

Yoga Poses To Relieve Menstrual Cramps

  Before, during and after having your period, many women suffer from severe pain in the lower abdomen. This situation could be improved with medications, however, it would be like putting a patch on something greater. The idea is not

Practicing Yoga can cure Depression

Thanks to meditation and yoga we can now learn to alleviate our problems and get depression under control. Have you ever felt down? Have you ever been depressed? Depression is one of the greatest evils of our times, a disease

Yoga Poses for Back Pain

  You can easily alleviated Both waist and lower back pain by practicing a few yoga routines. If you want to get rid of these pains naturally, without using any drugs, these oriental and ancient technique may be helpful. I

What Your favorite coffee reveals about your personality

  Drinking a cup of coffee when you wake up makes you feel good, helps you get your day started but it also reveals your personality. A study by the University of Innsbruck (Austria) revealed the following personality traits based

Reasons why you should have sex every day (or whenever you can)

  Besides being something fun, the reasons for having sex every day go beyond pleasure. During sexual activity many muscles of the body work, calories burned, the skin is oxygenated, the mind clears and increases self-esteem. Keep reading for more

Yoga poses that improve digestion

  There are many factors that could cause digestion issues, for example one of the main ones is stress, the fast pace of life we lead along with a number of physical conditions also can disrupt the digestive process. To